A series of criminal organizations known as “rat house” pay tribute to this god. A god of Rats, Filth, insects, and crime. Silgur is known as a Rat God. His priests are accompanied by rats of their own, as well by massive ogre sized rats, who go into a frenzied rage when injured.

His priests have some ability to connect, through the blood sacrifice of a Rat, to portals made of insects that lead to some other place, theorized to be his sanctum by Choaxi. This strange faux underground realm is lit with a dim red light.

A creature with the visage of a ten foot tall humanoid rat Silgur is surrounded constantly by a horde of his kin. Blows dealt damage against him are instead absorbed by his rats, protecting him from harm. He has been seen to emit a strange red light that fills the hearts of those close to him with dread, and causing them to falter.

It was discovered his faithful number in the hundreds, and in battle are pushed to a frenzy of slaughter and mayhem when ever Silgur is present. Their will becomes unbreakable, but their bodies will still fall from the blades of those brave enough to stand against them.


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