On the trail of Platen, the group stopped at a tavern in the industrial region of Volivat, a place named “The Plane” – likely due to the large number of carpenter’s workshops in the area.

Sermon was tending the bar, and seemed to be the owner of the establishment. When asked about Platen, he mentioned that the tattoos belonged to the Stryx Syndicate, and that they had been very active lately out of a warehouse near the prison.

Two days later, when the group returned to question Sermon, they found that The Plane had mysteriously collapsed, with Sermon trapped inside under a huge stone slab.

After Saiten hurled the slab aside (with help disguising his efforts from Aster and Piper), Sermon eventually regained consciousness under Aster’s ministrations, and relayed, “He said there is one trial remaining, and then you will have answers. Head back to where you began.”
He was unwilling or unable to say any more on the topic.


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