Piper's Intimacies

(NOTE: These are not all of Piper’s intimacies. Just ones that the party might be aware of. If you would rather not have more insight into Piper’s behaviors stop reading here. A more comprehensive list exists which only DMs may be privy to. Otherwise, when new intimacies are revealed they will be put here. )


“The Wicked Should be Punished”

Piper defines himself an apex predator of monstrous mortals. Being somewhat ethically flexible however means that “wicked” does not immediately translate to “law abiding” to Piper. Rather it means “People who are unreasonably cruel or malicious to others.” Abusers, extortionists, thugs, slavers, corrupt officials or those whose greed motivates turn a blind eye to despicable acts top this list. Under the right conditions a murderer could get off Scott free in Piper’s judgement for instance in the case of a crime of passion. Only the priority pursuit of a greater evil will spare someone wicked in Piper’s eyes and then, only temporarily.

It might also be noted that Piper views himself as wicked in his own right. He does not always abide by the ethical standards he punishes others for breaking but justifies his actions as being in the service of good people.


“No one has authority over my actions " (+)

Having been a slave Piper’s inclined to react very strongly to things that hinder his personal freedom. Attempts to limit his activities are met usually with abject refusal, physical violence, revenge or flight. Authority figures in Piper’s presence are always under intense scrutiny, weighed against his ideals for flaws or signs of corruption and he tends to be exceedingly critical of them. He isn’t rebellious for disobedience’s sake, he just follows laws, rules and ethical norms only as long as it suits him to do so.

Piper may on occasion choose to play the prisoner when it suits him but if there is a real threat of capture then lethal force may be applied regardless of the innocent natures of his captors.

“I feel naked being undisguised” (-)

Piper feels vulnerable being in his own body. He has created an physical and emotional distance from himself by assuming his different forms and characters that distance him from his true body. He likens being in his true form ( Which he refers to as his “Morning Form” as a further form of mental separation) to feeling naked and goes to sometimes injurous lengths to not be observed. His eventual retreat from dealing with people honestly has made him severely emotionally developmentally arrested.

Note: Part of Piper’s original concept was based on articles I read about how multiple personalities are sometimes a sort of coping tool used by people suffering severe trauma or PTSD to create a persona (or many different personas) that can deal with aspects of the real world in the person’s stead. Piper is supposed to be what happens when that coping method is turned inside out by the powerful nature of being an Exalted.


Aster Full of Light (+)

Piper has a sister that would be rather approximately Aster’s age. In part because of this he feels rather protective of her. He is inclined to feel distrustful or even jealous towards people who show too great an interest in her and treats her requests with a sense of priority. He believes that if Aster discovers his more vicious nature she might choose to wash her hands of him and thus keeps his past and his nastier actions secret from her.

Broken Walls (+)

In Piper’s mind Broken Walls does a number of impressive and useful things and could become a powerful ally. Equally possible he could become a tyrant displaying the sorts of behaviors Piper has set himself against. Time will tell. Piper’s overly critical view of Authority figures makes his relationship with Broken Walls ( who seems to accrue followers) stinted and difficult but at his core he finds himself drawn to their similarites.

Piper recognizes a sort of kindred spirit within Broken Walls through some perceived similarities in their pasts and personalities. He admires Broken Walls and is more openly honest to him than anyone he has met in his five years as a solar. Wary of becoming emotionally invested in someone who might reject him or consider him a subordinate Piper maintains his distance.

Saiten, The Fallen (+)

At first glance Piper believed he had nothing in common with Saiten but since has come to recognize their similarities. With Saiten having confessed that he didn’t have many friends Piper has decided to actively attempt to spend time with him. Though he hasn’t shared his history with Saiten he draws many similarities between the events that lead to their exaltation.

Chaoxi (+)

Piper Respects Chaoxi and treats her as an ally but one who is likely to support Broken Walls. He cannot fully trust her at the moment for that reason but is more comfortable around her than strangers.

Seventh Dawn, Rue , Oob (-)

Annoyances who cannot be trusted. The people Broken Walls surrounds himself with all cause Piper a little anxiety but, as an unintended benifit, make Piper’s multiple personages easily blend into his crowd. A double edged sword but one that serves to impact Piper’s comfort and make him grumpy.

Gumari (-)

Piper’s investigations found him to be a murderer who seeks to put wicked usurpers in charge. Besides, he spat in Piper’s face and made him sick, that’s just plain rude.

Silgur (-)

Piper found this God’s followers extorting other citizens. Besides, they needed the space. Rathouse would have found it’s way onto Piper’s hit list one way or another eventually . In priority is has simply jumped higher on the list because they are going to make themselves a nuisence

Kadu (-)

Former poor experience with a similar God makes Piper view this God with distrust. He has yet to discover whether Kadu is a God that supports slavery or helps those under slavery’s heel. Once he does he might need to expand his list of problem Gods in Champoor.

Mauk (N)

This God is under investigation. So far it seems like Mauk might be treated with amicably but his dominion over the surrounding farmland presents a problem.

Strawberries (+)

Piper’s favorite treat. They are also Piper’s favorite color.

Piper's Intimacies

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