A ten foot giant of fat and muscle, Gumari is unpleasant from start to finish. He carries with him the smell of those sick with his disease. He seems to also turn to violence quite quickly against those who oppose him.


Resplendent Wood 2
A suspected but unconfirmed Disease Spirit, Gumari was discovered to be accepting bribes from a man known by the name of Falling Harvest in the town of Nimrun to kill his Brother Frozen Grains. Frozen Grains was the magistrate of this town, and ruled in place of the Dragon Blooded God Kings of Kamthahar. With healing administered by Aster Full of Light, and blades brought to bear by those solars that gathered with her that day Falling Harvest’s ploy was foiled and Gumari was driven out of the town.

Resplendent Wood 22
The Solars have been told that Gumari resides in Champoor.


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