Chaoxi Kawa

Chaoxi Kawa is a close and personal friend of Broken Walls. She seems to support him in what ever goal he is currently pursuing but never shy’s from sharing her criticisms of his, or others actions.

Though she treats most matters with a respectful caution, she still knows how to have a good time and relax from work every now and then.

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Physical Description

Chaoxi Kawa appears to be in her early 20’s, despite actually being somewhere over 100 years old (remember, it’s rude to ask.) She has fairly long, royal blue hair, similar coloured eyes, and a pale complexion. She normally is seen wearing a Blue Kimono kept in good condition.

Equipment and Artifacts

Commonly prepared ahead with standard supplies for most situations, Chaoxi is known for always having the right equipment at the right time. If there is camping equipment needed, a wall to climb, or a bottle of wine for someone who really needs a drink, she will be prepped for that.

She also is always wearing a black jade chain shirt under her other clothing, which has a few features enabling it to easily be worn under many types of clothing, including formal attire. She wears a pair of twin black jade short daiklaves at her sides, kept in normal looking sheathes.

To the unaware observer she appears as a well armed but common travelling warrior. Though her fair complexion and social graces might give away her noble upbringing to those more observant.

Known History

Chaoxi was raised as a daughter of house Cathak, and carries herself with all the grace that such a Dynast’s training can confer. She is also very well trained in the Steel Devil style martial arts, and as a result is very familiar with the daiklaves she carries.

Known Intimacies

Chaoxi Kawa

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