As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Temporary Notes for May 28th's Session

Ascending Fire 13 – Arrive back in champoor, Litaka is waiting for everyone. They go and hang out at the solar compound, and discover Broken walls’ new tower.

Ascending Fire 14 – Broken Walls & Piper shop for a pretty dress for Aster. Aster meets briefly with Hatelis for lunch with Litaka.

Ascending Fire 15-22
- Broken walls & Saiten maintence Karoski’s temple. Saiten tries meditating with Broken Wall’s on top of the tower and finds it distracting.
- Aster recruits a new aid for her clinic. Starts looking for a second clinic location.
- Piper works on obtaining new contacts throughout the city.
- Slum Shack baby yeah

Ascending fire 23-28
- New clinic is planned at the main family compound
- Piper starts a pickpocket ring. Also murders some dudes
- Aster and broken walls plan out and begin construction of a market & a set of low income town houses
- Siaten explores meditation in the wild and finds some peace there.
- Broken walls finds some buyers for Knot & Strings Special Mead

Resplendent Fire 01-07
- Aster meditates on new song, and widening her perspective on how she can shape the world with her light (Or however shannon phrases asters experience in her upcoming journal)
- Saiten explores pushing himself to his absolute limit. Finds there is a limit to his ability, and experiences the flow of essence accumulating within his body.
- A murder spirit has taken interest in Pipers activities and has been setting up convenient murders for her/him.
- Training/Meditation/Self reflection result in +1 Essence for Saiten, Broken Walls, and Aster

Resplendent Fire 08
- Aster makes up a fancy Dinner invitation for some unknown person.
- Piper’s meeting with the Murder Spirit is planned.

Other things happened between characters that I wasn’t able to accurately track.


Edgar_Grim Edgar_Grim

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