As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Saiten's Journal 8

Descending wood 20 continued...again.

It had only been a few minutes since we all had retired to our rooms, when I heard a knock at my door.
Aster wished to spend the night with me, as Piper had decided to run off with Dasadi on a late night information gathering adventure.
They’re both capable people. I was sure they’d be fine on their own for the night. Still, Aster was worried about them, and had decided to stay awake and wait until their return.

There was no sense in both of us staying up, so I prepared for bed. I offered a side of the meager mattress to Aster just in case, but she was adamant to stay up, and far be it from me to stop her.
As I slept, I dreamt that dream again. The one with the never ending swarm of monsters hell bent on beating me to a pulp. Adrenaline pumping, excitement soaring. Just as I was about to punch their leader, I was shaken awake by Aster.

Descending wood 21

There was still no trace of Piper and Dasadi, and Aster was growing more and more concerned. I reminded her that they’re both capable people. If they get into trouble, they’ll be able to handle themselves. Or at the very least, cause enough commotion that we wouldn’t be able to sleep through it.
I was able to doze off again, but the dream did not return. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be able to play out that fight to it’s completion one day.

Piper was the next to wake me from my slumber. It seems as though she had a more chaotic night than I would have expected. He and Dasadi had returned to the prison, where they were spotted and attacked. Piper had managed to get away, but only after she had seen Dasadi burst into flames after being hit in the chest by a giant hammer. There was a distinct possibility that Dasadi was dead.

I wasn’t entirely convinced of Dasadi’s demise. The description of him bursting into flames…It made me think that was Dasadi’s doing. A method of escape perhaps? Dasadi had shown an affinity towards fire magic in our previous battles. It was even a small fire bird that had helped us find him in the water.
I could only hope my suspicions were correct. Time would tell.

Aster and Piper, having been awake all night, decided to get some rest. Hopefully Dasadi would return as Piper had. In the mean time, I decided to do my morning training regime, with the hopes of catching wind of Dasadi during my run.

By the time I returned, Piper and Aster had awoken from their nap, but there was still no sign of Dasadi.
We ate some food, then headed towards the plane to look for clues as to his whereabouts. We hadn’t gotten far though, before Piper collapsed and started to cry unexpectedly. It seems like last night was taking it’s toll on her. She clearly had feelings for Dasadi, and the thought of watching him die in front of her must have been too much to bear.

I reached down to comfort her, and he bolted. I knew that if I lost track of him, I might never see her again. Piper had proven his ability to not be found if she wanted. I knew if I let that happen, I might never see her again. Without thinking, I had channeled more energy into my legs than ever before. I caught up to piper in an instant, but we must have been several blocks away from where we started. I don’t know if I’ve ever moved that fast before.

I picked her up and she immediately collapsed in my arms, sobbing uncontrollably. I returned her to Aster, but she would not stop crying.
We decided to return to the revenge. At least there, we could let Piper have her breakdown in private.
The city guard however, had other plans. They must have thought we were abductors, because they asked us to come with them to their guard tower. I explained our situation. That she has recently lost somebody dear to her. They seemed understanding, and offered to use their tower for some privacy. Their guard tower was much closer than the revenge. It was probably for the best.

Piper must have cried there with us for hours, but she eventually came out of it. She offered no explanation for her ordeal, but none was really necessary. She reassured the guard that we were in fact her friends, then we made our way back to the respite.

It seems like most of the day had gone to waste. By the time we had returned to the inn, it was nearly dark. We had some soup for dinner, which Piper downed rapidly. Poor thing was probably dehydrated from all of that crying.

Descending wood 22
I awoke determined to find answers. Answers about Dasadi. Answers about Platon. Answers about everything that has been plaguing me on this trip. I ate quickly before starting my morning routine. When I returned, Piper and Aster were ready to get going.
As we resumed yesterday’s course towards the plane, we heard a commotion. The plane had collapsed!


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