As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Saiten's Journal 6

The search for Platon

Descending wood 19 continued

As we descended on the platform, defeated, we asked the attendant if he knew of any good places to stay. He didn’t really seem all that enthusiastic, but he recommended the Steam Kettle. At least we knew where to find that!
As we wandered the city, I couldn’t help but notice how many city guard there were. They patrolled regularly, were well dressed, and well respected by the people within the city. It must be nice to live here. To feel safe. I bet they don’t need too many heroes around here.
We had almost reached the kettle, when something odd happened. A girl seemed to mistake Piper for somebody called Aria, and tried to touch her. Piper seemed noticeably shaken by this, but the girl had disappeared before we got a chance to question her.

When we got to the Kettle, the barmaid introduced herself as Chellia. She took our orders for food, and reserved us two rooms for the night. I got a noodle dish this time. The noodles came out steaming hot, and were an odd green colour, but they tasted good.
We hadn’t even finished our meal however, when Dasadi excused himself suddenly, and without reason. Maybe the food didn’t agree with him? Piper left shortly after to keep an eye on him. Probably a good idea. Food poisoning can be quite debilitating.

Once Aster and I had finished our meals, we decided to go shopping. She mainly wanted to look upon different fabrics, and restock her medical supplies. As we passed though the textiles shops, I was once again stung with the memory of my family. We used to sell our wares to shops just like these.
We returned to the Steam Kettle, where piper was waiting for us. She told us Dasadi was apparently following a shady looking bar patron, but both he and Dasadi had somehow managed to give Piper the slip. That’s quite impressive, as I know first hand how fast Piper can be.
When Dasadi returned, we retired to one of our rooms to talk. He explained that he was tailing somebody who had been watching Obi (whom Piper is currently disguised as).
We split off into pairs for the night. Myself and Dasadi to one room, Aster and Piper to another. I regretted this almost immediately, as Dasadi prefers to sleep in the nude. I’m getting my own room next time.

Descending wood 20

When we descended from our rooms in the morning, I noticed that Piper had disguised herself. She had once again put on the face of Obi, but had made an attempt to disguise it in a more traditional sense. Obi now had long hair, and an almost equally long beard. I couldn’t help but smirk when I recognized him.
We talked as we ate our breakfast. Without many leads to go on, we decided to ask around popular areas to see if anyone had seen Platon. And if that failed, we’d resort to the more unsavory areas of town and try our luck there.
We headed to the fish market first. I know I had just eaten breakfast, but the smells there were intoxicating. We approached one of the merchants, who was selling something he called “Squin Cross.” It was just as delicious as it smelled. Crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside. I told him that I would defiantly be returning later to get more.
Before leaving the merchant’s stall, we questioned him about Platon. He said that he had seen a man of his description heading north, in the direction of the prison yesterday. We thanked him and headed on our way.

Fearing we would lose the trail before long, we ducked into a pub named “The Plane” to see if anyone else had seen Platon. The bartender introduced himself as Surmon. I wasn’t about to waste any more time, so I plainly asked Surmon if he had seen Platon. He told us that from the sound of the tattoo, he might be part of the Strix syndicate. They operate out of a warehouse near the prison. He warned us not to go there, as the Strix were a dangerous group. I told him not to worry about us. “I’m a hero” I explained.
We headed towards the warehouse when we saw him. Platon himself! He was entering the warehouse that Surmon had spoke of. We had finally found him. Finally I can get some answers!
When we arrived at the door to the warehouse,we quickly discovered that it was locked. As the group pondered on how to proceed, I decided to just knock. I hadn’t the intention of fighting Platon, so there was no need to be sneaky or forceful. The apperture in the door opened, and presented a riddle to us. I had barely time to consider the riddle when Aster had answered it. I am glad to her with me. I am not sure if I would have been able to figure that one out.

The door opened inward, and inside we could see blackness. Thankfully, Aster was able to use her light to let us view inside. We saw nothing. Nothing, but an empty warehouse with some paper walls, obscuring the remainder.
We cautiously entered the warehouse, but before all of us could enter, the door slammed shut behind us. Dasadi was trapped outside! It was only moments after that our ambushers appeared. There must have been hundreds of them. All armed with blades, bows, clubs, and all other manner of weaponry.
I knew I was going to have to fight them. That much I had already accepted. But I worried that this was not the only battle about to be fought. Outside, Dasadi was surely being ambushed as well. Before our attackers could nock their bows, I blew the door off it’s hinges. If Dasadi was in trouble, at least he could be in the same trouble as the rest of us.
Thankfully, when he entered, there was nobody with him. At least I was wrong about that.

The battle was fierce, and I may have over done it a bit. At one point I may have punched a man through another man. That’s a new one for me. By the time the enemy had begun to flee, my headlamp had revealed itself once again, though I was too wound up to care.


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