The Piper of the Whispering Radius


The Piper of the Whispering Radius (Piper for short) is rarely seen undisguised. This unusual being changes gender, height, weight and race more often then most change their clothes. Utilizing innumerable aliases and leaving no calling card this self styled Monster filtered through all levels of society picking off the corrupt and vanishing like a ghost leaving authorities baffled.

Those who have seen the Piper’s actual form and are still alive are few in number. Those who have would have seen an Asian androgynous looking young man in his late teens or early 20’s with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is lean in build and of slightly shorter than average height. His only visible weapon is a small knife tucked into his boot.

The only possession Piper hangs onto for long is an unusual curved bone flute about two feet in length inlaid with jade and gold and carved with stylized birds and peony blossoms.


Beneath a veneer of cold calculation and distance, a fierce and insatiable rage burns deep at the core of Piper’s ever changing form. Having embraced the trappings of being “Anathema” Piper aims to be a sort of apex predator in the world of monsters. Judging his targets by a specific set of criteria based on a moral code that he himself does not fully adhere to he aims to make the world a better place by removing those who obstruct the lives of honest people through intimidation, trickery or force.

Upon becoming an exalt The Piper broke all ties with his former life and did what he could to sever himself from his emotions and his former identity to the point of adapting a set of uncanny powers that let him change his form at will to suit his needs. Travelling with those he considers equals and allies has awakened within the Piper a hunger for companionship which has begun to stir the emotions that have lied deeply buried within and are slowly eroding the barriers that kept him indifferent.

Piper enjoys reading, playing games of skill, strawberries and being in high places. He refuses to be bound by obligations or contracts and has a complicated issue with physical intimacy. He specializes in a form of martial art known as the “Pearl Courtesan Style” which uses everyday objects as weapons.


Piper’s Intimacies

The Piper of the Whispering Radius

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