Broken Walls


Broken Walls appears to be somewhere around 23 years old. He stands roughly 6’3", with slightly shaggy brown hair, a thin chin-strap beard, and grey eyes. When unarmoured, Broken Walls generally wears black hakama with red trim, and a white shitagi.
When he is armoured, Broken Walls wears a hauberk of orichalcum, with shining lamellar armour composed of plates of orichalcum overtop of that, capped with great domed orichalcum pauldrons that are etched with Old Realm runes. Over top of the rest of his armour are some form of interlinked cosmic runes.
He carries a red shield with gold trim, and a straight sword, plain in appearance, but of good quality. All of his equipment appears to be well-maintained.

Broken Walls rides a black horse, which he treats well, but pays little attention to, otherwise. His horse is loaded with all of the various gear that Chaoxi Kawa, Broken Walls’ constant companion, deems appropriate, as well as 5 swords of strange composition that Broken Walls recently retrieved from the corpses of some Fish-Men. He seems more intrigued by the state of the blades than of the beasts themselves.

Broken Walls attitude when speaking with anyone other than Chaoxi seems confident to the point of brashness, and he frequently seems to speak more than may be strictly necessary to convey whatever point he is making. This may be related to his recent revelation that he’s been locked inside some sort of prison cell for the majority of the past 150 years of his apparently longer-than-expected life.



Broken Walls

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