Aster Full of Light

Beautiful Bard


Aster Full of Light Is a thin, willowy girl, appearing to be approximately 15 or 16 years of age. Her golden blond hair falls in sheets to her waist, and, if she has been out of a city for more than a few hours, is usually strewn with wildflowers. Her skin is northerner pale, with just a hint of sun kissing (far less than one would expect, given the amount of time she spends out of doors), and her eyes are a soft, glacier-fed lake blue. To most people she will ever meet, she is at least in the top five most beautiful women, if not just things in general, they have ever seen.

Aster usually wears a simple, white linen dress with flowing sleeves that falls to about her knees. It appears to be pleated when she is standing still, but when she walks or dances (frequently), the skirt can be seen to be made up of a number of separate panels. These spread apart to reveal loose lilac leggings, tied up to the knee with soft tan leather straps. On her feet are light leather boots, the right of which is hung with three clear sounding bells which chime whenever she moves her feet. At her waist is usually tied a gauzy, lilac sash which is hung with various pouches and things. At her throat is a thin gold coloured chain ending in a smooth, gold coloured stone. She does not appear to be carrying a weapon.



Aster Full of Light

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