As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Saiten's Journal 2

Descending Wood 5

Shortly after being asked to stay with them, I was quickly put to work by the members of the Rising Sun House. We had made a bit of a mess during the battle, and they needed help cleaning up. I did what I could, but I felt I was getting in the way more than I was actually helping.

Aster approached me after most of the mess had been taken care of, asking if I’d like to help her in her clinic.
I couldn’t do much to help Aster. I’d fetch clean water and cloth for her as needed. I’d put pressure on wounds to slow the bleeding when called upon, but I am no doctor. I stayed as long as she needed me though. I saw it as an opportunity to get to know her better. Everything about her seems….pure? It’s as if the filth of the world hasn’t touched her at all, which is fitting, because I don’t think I’ve seen her with a spec of dirt on her yet. She seems to care about every one and every thing. It reassures me that these people that I’ve chosen to stay with are good people.

Once finished in the clinic, I decided that If I were to stay in Champoor, I should start patrolling regularly. I set off into the city to see what evils I could stop, and whom I may help. Along the city streets, I saw many things. Traders and merchants were flogging their wares. People were busily shopping, and hustling around. It wasn’t long before I found a woman cornered in an alley, being threatened by a thug. I quickly disarmed him and sent him on his way. The woman thanked me before heading back into the street.

Content that I had made a difference, I headed back to the Rising Sun House, just in time for dinner. Chaoxi had prepared a stew, and it smelled wonderful. As I sat down for my first of many bowls, I was reminded of my mothers stew. I’m never going to taste that stew again, am I? I tried to shake off the memory as best I could. I can’t change what happened, but I can do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else, ever again.

After dinner, I retired to my tent. The morning will come all too soon, and a hero needs rest if he is to make a difference in the world.

The next morning, as I was donning my uniform, I could hear somebody walking towards the house. I poked my head outside my tent, and saw a very well dressed bureaucrat of some sort. He asked me if I knew where broken walls might be. I told him that everyone should be inside, as I hadn’t heard anyone come out yet. He nodded and continued on.

After I had finished my morning routine of 100 push ups, 100 Sit-ups, and 100 squats, I left the encampment for my morning run. I figured I could patrol while doing it. Good to see the city at all different hours of the day.

I had been out for not even an hour though, before I came upon a bloody scene. A mugging must have gone bad, because there was a bloody man laying at the side of the street, with two men hovering over him. Smelling foul play, I dispatched them with ease. The man was badly injured. He had a stab wound in the gut, and would surely die if left to his own devices.

Without missing a beat, I picked him up and ran back to the Rising Sun House as fast as I could. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before I burst through the entry way. Everyone inside turned to look at me. I had interrupted a meeting of sorts with the well dressed bureaucrat.
When Aster saw me, she knew why I had come. She brought us into the clinic and started working on the man. As she busily cleaned and dressed his wound, I could hear the others taking in the other room. I could make out something about gods, and negotiating a deal, but I couldn’t hear much else over the man’s groans.

Once Aster had stabilized the man the man, she asked me if I’d like to join her in gathering medical supplies. I agreed, and so she and I set out together. It wasn’t long into our travels though, that I found myself again stopping another confrontation. I could tell Aster wasn’t pleased at how I had stopped it, but she didn’t voice her opinion. Truthfully, I think she was thankful that I hadn’t killed anyone. It takes great restraint for me to not accidentally hit somebody too hard, or in the wrong place. I think she understands that. Still, I will try harder to not to hurt those that I don’t need to.

We had to pass through Mauk’s gate on the way to the upper side of the city. There were men collecting a toll, but didn’t seem like they were there in any official capacity. Aster must have sensed my discomfort at this, because she had calmed me, and managed to convince me to pay both her toll and my own before I got confrontational with the men.

She took me towards a tavern, and told me that she’d need to stay here a little while to build up funds for her supplies. I stuck around for a bit, and watched her sing for tips. She has a beautiful voice. It matches her very well.

After an hour or so, I went out to patrol the local area. It wasn’t long before I saw a street brawl between two gangs. I leapt into action, landing roughly in the middle of the group. I knocked a few of them down before declaring “NOBODY ELSE NEEDS TO GET HURT TODAY. GO HOME!”. The group, seeing how quickly I had disabled their comrades, dispersed.

Aster was wrapping up her performance by the time I returned to the tavern. She seemed content with the amount she had acquired, and soon had us in and out of her supply store. I helped carry her supplies as we returned to the house.

Having enough for the day, we retired for the evening.

The next day, I was startled to find out that Piper, the soldier I had met after the battle, was still here. It appears that he is also gifted. Not like myself, but in a much more curious, and perhaps dangerous way. He can make himself look like anyone. As easily as I can break a face, he can make a new one. New clothes, new voice, new hair. Everything about him, it seems like he can control. Have I even met the real Piper? If I did, would I even know?

He was very curious about me. We talked for several hours, speaking on a range of subjects. One of them being about the fight that brought me to Rising Sun House to begin with. They were fighting Silgur, a Giant rat, and his minions. What I didn’t know, what that he was a rat god. To think that I had scared off a god with such ease… What are the limits to my power? Will I ever face a challenge worthy of me?

In the afternoon, the prime members of the Rising Sun House went to go meet with the well dressed bureaucrat from earlier. It seems that while he was indeed a bureaucrat, he was no ordinary one. He was actually a god! Hatellus was a god of finance and contracts, but a god none the less. The meeting was to address some details of a cease fire with the rat god, Silgur. It all seemed to go over my head for the most part. I’ve never been too good with contracts, or the fine details of negotiations, but Broken walls seemed like he had a good handle on things.

Before we left, Hatellus mentioned not to stay out too late, as people had been disappearing on the streets at night. Everyone seemed to roll their eyes at this, seemingly having known about it before. How could they turn such a blind eye to something so horrible? I couldn’t help but make my stand. I was going to find out what was going on out there!

Broken walls and the others finally decided to join me on my stakeout, but only after pleading with them. The Joke was on me, however. The night passed uneventfully. I was hoping for a fight.


Edgar_Grim Lorithad

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