As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Saiten's journal 13

Resplendent fire 18 Continued

I was about to jump into the hole I had just made in the roof of the hut, when a golden light burst forth from within. Golden javallins rained from the sky, striking many of the shadowy figures that had began coalescing throughout the streets and rooftops. I caught myself in awe for a moment. It was as if there were a thousand shooting stars all at once. A beautiful if not terror inspiring sight for sure.

I didn’t have the time to watch though. There was work to be done. Piper and the others surely needed my help. I jumped down though the hole I had made, landing nearly on top of a now decapitated Lang. My friends had wasted no time it seems.

I found one of the murder spirits to my left. Hathesis I think? I sent him soaring upward through the hole in the ceiling with a quick uppercut, noting a sizable splat when he impacted the roof on the way down. Satisfying as it was to eliminate a murder spirit, there is never the time to celebrate. The coalescing creatures(or “The host”, as I’ve found them to be called) were getting more and more dense. I continued to dodge them as best I could, but there were so many of them that I could tell I was losing my balance. I had been all but covered by the host when I saw an opening through the blows, I struck back, throwing several them flying, while seemingly vaporizing others. Broken walls and Chaoxi used the opportunity to run outside, as Piper says she can hear the sound of bells in the street.

I was surprised with what happened next. Aster had been protecting the owner of the hut in the corner, shouting words of encouragement our way, but something must have snapped in her. Her song changed to a tone I had not yet heard from her. It was still pleasant to my ears, but the host could not take it. Clawing at their ears, they fell. One by one, fading away just as they had faded into existence.

I ran outside, looking for Broken walls and Chaoxi. I found them chasing a masked figure a short distance down the street. I gave chase as well, rushing to the figure with the sound of a thunderclap. I managed to knock him unconscious with a single strike.

We returned with the figure to the Rising sun compound, where broken walls quickly crafted a jail cell for our new prisoner. Try as we might, our new friend refused to ask any of our questions. Eventually, we decided to try again in the morning. It was getting late.

When we entered the Rising sun house, Piper shed..herself. I had seen him take many forms before, but never take one off. “Piper’s a man!” I exclaimed loudly, my voice full of surprise. I had often wondered about whether Piper even had a gender in his natural state. He seemed to clothe himself in the identity of anyone he saw fit. Man, woman, boy, girl. It was all the same to Piper. I felt like I had come to know piper more intimately in that moment. I don’t think Piper felt the same, however, as he just ignored my statement and went upstairs.

I retreated to my room as well, where I washed my uniform of the various blood stains that had accumulated over the evening, then went to bed.

Resplendent fire 19.

I awoke late in the day, feeling quite refreshed. I hadn’t slept in this long in a while. There was a reason for that though, I reminded myself as I donned my uniform. .The city needs it’s hero.
During today’s patrol, I noted many people discussing the light show of last night. People knew something had happened. When I returned to the compound, I spoke to Broken Walls about it. He told me that when a solar expends enough of his energy, it is impossible for him to mask his presence. Both he and Aster had reached that point last night. And while it was short, it was not surprising that people noticed the display. We should be wary of the Wyld hunt, he told me. Dragonbloods of the immaculate order that hunt down the Solar Exalted. I had known people had seen me with my headlamp before, but hadn’t really thought much of it. Maybe I should have. Amongst the discussions, Chaoxi had joined us, and spoke of something called a “War Strider”. A giant like machine, capable of destruction on a scale not seen by most. Truly a terrifying creation. I want to fight one. I told them that I would redouble my training in hopes of defeating this “Wyld Hunt” that they spoke of. I asked if it were possible to obtain some of the armour the striders wear. I would like to know how well it stands up to my fist. Broken walls said that he would look into it.

By the end of the conversation, the others had all found their way to our table. Each recommending their own security measures. In the mean time, Akimu was surely the focus for now. We had hurt her, and her followers. It would only be a matter of time before she retaliated against us. We decided to see if I could destroy one of the daggers that Akimu’s followers used.
As I held the dagger in my hand, I noted how cold it felt. Normally steel would lose that feeling after a moment, but this was different. It just stayed cold, as if it were continuously draining the heat from my hand. I placed the dagger on an anvil in the workshop. I struck the dagger 3 times, each time pouring more and more of my essence into the hit. I managed to bend it on my last strike. This was definitely not a normal dagger. An artifact for sure. I threw it into the air as hard as I could. Not even a scratch when it bounced off the rocky ground. Broken walls put it into the forge, and we could hear it almost scream as it began to glow red hot. I managed to dent it when hitting it with a hammer, but even that was a challenge. We left it in the forge overnight.

Resplendent fire 20.

I awoke in the night to the sound of broken walls putting on dauntless in the court yard. Still in my pajamas, I leapt from my window and ran to his side. He had discovered our prisoner had been killed by some sort of spirit. As aster burned his body with her light, we pondered what our next move should be. We would need to find some way to ward our compound against such spirits. If they could kill our prisoner, then they could come after any one of us.

I returned to my room and went back to bed. We will find our solution in the morning.
When morning came, our broken walls and I went to Renow house, and met with Mash and Dub Dau, while Aster and Piper went in search of an exorcist. While there, Broken Walls spoke of many things. He wanted to ward our compound, as well as the compounds of our allies. I found myself bored with most of the conversations. My attentions are less political than Broken walls, but I tried to feign interest as best I could. Still, I probably only absorbed a third of what they were talking about.

Following renow house, we made our way to Mauk’s temple. Broken walls went underground with Tick, while I waited on the surface.

The followers of Mauk sauntered around the temple. Some of them recognised me for sure. Either having seen me, or heard about my deeds from others. They gave me a clear path path to wherever I happened to be pacing to. A shame, I’m sure many of them were capable warriors.
I asked some of them what they thought of Mauk. Unsurprisingly they all said he was strong, and a great guy. Some admitted that as Mauk had been asleep for so long, that they had never even met him.

Broken Walls had been gone for a while, and I was starting to get impatient. My errant wanderings around the temple eventually lead me to something interesting though. A small group of followers were talking about an upcoming tournament. It seems on Descending fire 3, there will be a bit of a competition. Ring out, or knock out. I am so there.


Edgar_Grim Lorithad

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