As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Saiten's journal 12

Murder spirits

Resplendent fire 18
We awoke fairly early. The night was quiet, so I managed to sleep quite soundly. The fox had disappeared, much to my disappointment.
Broken walls surveyed the area after he rose. He asked about the wreckage that my training had left around the area. I told him that it was necessary to push myself during my training, and as such, I had to preform some…selective logging. I could tell he was unsure of what to make of the situation, but he didn’t pursue the matter further.

After a quick bath in the river, and a quick wash of my uniform, I gathered some berries for breakfast, then we made our way back to Champoor. As we approached, I couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed at the look of the city. Where outside the city was bright and sunny, the city itself had almost a supernatural gloominess to it. It was as if the city itself was depressed. I shook off the feeling as we passed within the city limits.

We waited for Piper at the Rising Sun House. I was eager to be debriefed regarding our mission to the Kadu quarry. I filled her in as best I could on our activities, but I saw no real reaction from Piper. Something else was clearly on his mind. When I had finished, I left for my patrols. It was already getting late into the day. I imagine the city’s less respectable folk were getting excited at the prospect of having another day without me. I was quick to disappoint more than one criminal element.

Upon returning to the compound, Piper and Broken Walls spoke to the group about the recent developments with Akimu. I had already been told that Piper was being considered as a recruit to Akimu’s followers. Now, however, I think I’ve gotten more of the full story. Her contact is Lang, a young woman of questionable morals. Piper was to meet with Lang tonight regarding if she was committed to becoming a follower of Akimu. Clearly, he was not. For if she was, he would not have told us of the meeting. We devised a trap for Lang, and Hathesis. Piper was to meet Hathesis shortly before dusk, then follow him to Lang. I am told that I am not as stealthy as one might hope, so it was decided that Chaoxi, Aster, and myself would remain at a distance, out of sight of Piper. Broken Walls would follow closer, along the roof line and signal us to join him when it was safe.

We waited for hours. We had hoped to lure Lang out before dark. The murder spirits would have an advantage that the others did not think wise to let them have. I had my reservations, but agreed with the plan. Lang, however, was not one to be rushed it seemed.

Finally, the signal came. We rushed towards Broken Walls was as fast as we could. Chaoxi leaped up to the roof line in a single bound. Aster looked at me nervously as I swooped her up in my arms, then leapt to follow. Piper had followed Hathesis into a small hut, where presumably Lang waited. We made our way onto it’s roof as quietly as we could. We could hear muffled talking, but I couldn’t make out anything specific.

It wasn’t long until creatures started to appear. Dark hands appeared out of nowhere, and started to pull their bodies into existence. Wrapped in black cloth, and adorned with a featureless, white mask. They were appearing by the dozens in the streets. It wouldn’t be long before they would be filled completely. It was then, that we knew it was time to strike. With a swift punch, I collapsed a sizable hole into the roof of the hut. Broken Walls entered first, followed by Chaoxi, then Aster. I looked upon the apparitions as they began to climb the building and smiled. “This should be fun,” I thought to myself.


Edgar_Grim Lorithad

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