As the tale of the Exalted Continues

Broken Walls Journal 5

In which morals are examined

Resplendent Wood 23, RY768, continued

Piper went off to find somewhere to sleep, and I interviewed our remaining seven prisoners. One of them seemed honest in his desire to leave Champoor, so I gave him some travel funds and released him. Another, Oob, was impressed enough with my fighting abilities that he requested to train with me. The other 5, I didn’t trust.
I trained with Oob until he tired. At one point, an old man arrived with a barrel of rotten apples to sell. When I refused to buy them, he dumped them on my doorstep and departed. Later, Piper returned wearing a different, female form. We are going to need a password or something.
Piper performed her own interrogation of the prisoners, and when one of them revealed himself as a “rat-eater”, she stabbed him to death with a dagger, while he was still bound. When she didn’t like an answer one of the others gave her, she slashed his face.
I don’t know what to make of this, but her behaviour is making me nervous.
We agreed to release the remaining prisoners, so Piper kicked them out the front door, still bound. Ru returned, and we discussed business.
I got some building materials delivered, made myself some tools, made some nice furniture for Ru to sell, and built a structure outside for Aster : 2 stories, with shuttered windows, a bath which drains into the sewer, a well, some planters, tables, several cots, and a compost bin which is currently full of rotten apples and sawdust.
Aster returned that evening with Chaoxi and Seventh Dawn. Piper did not return that night.
Aster has been asked to meet the god Kadu, and wants me to come along. That makes me nervous.

Resplendent Wood 24, RY768

I went with her to the temple of Kadu, where she spoke with " Razu Topeshi “, who refused her request for us to accompany her to meet Kadu.
Not suspicious at all!
I headed over to the Kahi Co-Op and got some leads on people looking for work. Between their leads and some people ”/wikis/Ru/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Ru referred we are up to 8 labourers and 4 guards, not counting Seventh Dawn and Oob.
I also spoke with Knot and String, who had had their meeting with Vinom, the Harbour Master. He had apparently offered them an insultingly low price, so I offered our services to sell their mead. Going to have to come up with a name for the business. Rising Sun Trading Co?

Resplendent Wood 25 – 30, RY768

Finishing up the month, I built a stable, smithy, and barracks, as well as training the guards daily. Aster got her clinic up and running.

Descending Wood 1, RY768

This morning the priest and rat-ogre-beast from the docks district, which is just inside the city walls, came for a visit. The priest made some veiled threats under the pretext of discussing trade, I veiled threatened them right back, then they went on their way.
I bricked up our entrance to the sewer.
I told Aster about Rat House, and we had a small argument. Regrettable, but inevitable.


Edgar_Grim Sleet

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