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New Friends :D

Resplendent Wood 2

Dear Diary,

Wonders never cease on my journey through Creation! Today I met eight new people, and I’m going to be travelling with four of them! But I’m getting ahead of myself, as you know I’m wont to do ;).

Today seemed like it was going to be a terribly pleasant day, full of birdsong and filled with promise. I had been wandering through the fields, making my way to the next town where I might be of service, when I came across a heart-wrenching sight: a young girl was crying in front of a shrine. Oh Diary, I just couldn’t bear to see the poor dear in pain, so of course I went over to her to see if there was anything I could do. And lo and behold, it seems as though there was! Falling Leaf (the poor dear)’s father was ill, and thank the gods but my light seems to allow me some skill at healing! She took me to the nearby village and into a temple, where her poor father appeared to be suffering greatly. Of course, I set straight to work.

It was the strangest thing though, Diary: he seemed to have a fairly straightforward illness, but after I treated him, he just wasn’t able to get better! I knew he’d continue to suffer (and maybe die!) if I didn’t keep treating him, so I rolled up my sleeves (so to speak, hee hee!) and poured more of myself into seeing that he got better.

My light must have been shining quite brightly with all of the effort, Diary, because soon after that, someone new came to see what was happening. A young nobleman (whose name I shall tell you now is Chijiwa) came to see me and asked what was going on. I knew I would not have the time to fully explain what was happening to the poor man I was treating without slowing down his treatment (and maybe putting him in danger :O ), so I’m afraid I was quite brusque with him when I implored him to assist me (though I’m sure he will understand about that, given the circumstances). Thankfully, he was not offended, and though he did not seem to have any abilities as a healer, he was willing to assist me with getting some water for the sick man :).

It seems, however, that my light may have been taken notice of by some less helpful individuals, however Diary, because not long after this, a terribly frightening person appeared in the courtyard and began to menace us! Unfortunately, Diary, He began to attack before I was able to reason with him, and I was unable to turn away from my charge. However, the young nobleman seemed to understand my plight, and with little provocation on my part he was willing to step in on our behalf.

If you will indulge me, Diary, I will take a moment to describe this terrifying assailant, as I do not yet feel I have given him enough of an introduction. He seemed fully ten feet tall, a massive man (although I am fairly certain he could not have been human), and had a terribly unfortunate odor to him. He seemed so terribly angry, and I wonder now if perhaps his terrifying nature led to his anger; if he had been shunned because of it, and become embittered and cruel because of this. If I meet him again, perhaps I can show him some of the kindness it seems he was perhaps not shown before, and maybe this will help to ease some of the pain he must be feeling in order to have behaved in such an angry fashion.

But I digress.

It seems that more than this imposing figure were called to the courtyard, however. Three others sprang to our aid from the growing crowd as the massive man sought to rain blows upon us; the first was an impressive sight: a broad shouldered man (Broken Walls ) in splendidly shining armor, confidence flowing from him like a beacon of hope. The second, Chaoxi Kawa, was an armored, blue-haired woman (possibly from home? Oh I do hope she is a kinsman), wielding two fantastic swords in a practiced, graceful fashion. The third was a young tea girl whose name I now know to be Piper ), daringly brave with her dark hair flowing about her, her weapon, of all things, a surprisingly sturdy pink ribbon, which she wound quite expertly about the giant man.

As the figures began to clash, Diary, I was of course terribly fearful that someone may be hurt (or worse, killed! D: ), so I began my Terrifying Battle Song. It has been some time since I have had to harm another creature in the name of anything but healing them, and I was hopeful that the beset creature would heed it’s words and leave before things turned to further violence. Thankfully, he fled before anyone could be seriously injured.

After the man fled, my ill charge began to recover beautifully; I have every confidence, Diary, that he will make a full recovery :).

While I am loath to put others in danger by having them pend to much time in my increasingly, it seems, dangerous company, the four who came to our aid seem willing to travel with me, and for the moment seem quite handy at keeping themselves safe (though I may need to use my songs again to keep them from too much violence; thankfully my light and my teacher allow me to do so :D ).

To summarize, if this has been too long for you, my dearest Diary: I helped a man and his sweet daughter, gained four new travelling friends, and was able to keep a most unfortunate beast from being ended by a blade. All in all, a wonderful and terribly light-filled day :D


Edgar_Grim Mouse

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