As the tale of the Exalted Continues

I’m sorry for how long it has been since I last wrote, diary. I have been keeping very busy! There has been so much to do now that we ate back in Champoor. Let me fill you in on everything.

We returned to Champoor to an unexpected fanfare: Litaka was there on the docks, waiting for me! My friends hadn’t met him before, so I was very pleased to see him there. Litaka is my mentor, my teacher, and my friend. We’ve crossed paths on a number of occasions over the course of my journey in the light, usually just for a few days, and not usually very frequently, but in our time together, he had taught me much. He is a great teller of stories, performer of music, and lover of life. He taught me my form of combat through song. His meeting with my friends went well, I think, though I’m not sure they trust him yet.

From the docks we headed back to the place I think I am now glad to call home. It was more… Fortified…than I last remembered it, but I suppose it meant that Broken Walls kept himself busy while we were away. There was also a tower now in the middle of the new walled off area of the compound, decorated with images of the sun.

In the courtyard stood Chaoxi, a welcome sight! She greeted us with open arms, and seemed pleased that we were home safely. Our conversation drew the attention of Broken Walls, who wad at that time up in his new tower. He descended, and we were able to have a lovely reunion that evening.

Litaka had decided to stay in champoor for a few days or so, so was with us that night while we recounted what had happened during our visit to Volivat. I think the news that there wasn’t a new enemy company to contend with was somewhat welcome news, even if our mission had others ended disappointingly. Chaoxi seemed to have some more knowledge of the nature of Lunars, so if Pecahan resurfaces, we may be somewhat more forewarned.

Our talking and catching up lasted late into the night, and I was not the last to head to my room.


The next day I checked in on my beloved Daisy, and my beloved clinic, and went out into the city proper with Litaka. It was comforting to be spending time with him again. We made our way to Hatelis’ temple, and I filled him in on our journey, letting him know that we had returned, should he wish to revisit the idea of asking for our help. He seemed… Distracted… Which, in discussing and hindsight was probably due to the amount of work he may have during the day. I probably should have told him we were coming first.

When we arrived home, a wonderful surprise was waiting for me: my friends had put together a birthday party!  Since my birthday had occurred on the journey to Volivat, I had mostly forgotten it, accept for its humorous relation to our meeting of Dasadi, so I was well and grueling surprised by this celebration. It was a wonderful was to be welcomed home, knowing that my friends cared about me so much. There was a cake, and musicians, and they presented me with a beautiful new dress in a magnificently carved box. I was overwhelmed.


The next few days were a bit of a blur. Many things happened, but I can’t quite recall what happened on which day, not in what order… I’ll let you know add best I can. I have made it my mission to get to know my friends and my city better. To that end, I’ve taken to making time to talk to all of my friends each week. Broken Walls and I shared a meal, and discussed creating a market next to our complex to provide a safe place and save produce for the residents nearby. In doing so, we will also need to provide those we displace with new housing, but it will probably be better than what they were living in before anyway, so it seems like a win-win for everyone :). Saiten and I discussed what he wants to do from this point on with Litaka. I worry about him. I don’t like seeing him so listless and without purpose. I think he’ll figure it out, though;  I have every faith in him!  

Piper and I played music together and spoke of family. It was… Bitter sweet. I miss my sisters dearly. It was good, however, to speak of them. It makes me believe that they are still alive and well.We also spoke of Pipers discomfort with being tied to the Company, and with speaking with Broken Walls about this. I hope my words instilled some more trust in him for her; Broken Walls may not have the best way with people, bit I think he is far more caring and understanding than his stoic exterior belies.  

I have also been singing… Differently… With Litaka’s instruction. Every day, when the sun is high, I song on the walls of champoor. I pour my heart, and my light into my song, entwining both into every note. I stretch my voice to the ends of its limits, and then let my light carry it just that much further, every day a new emotion to spread to the people of my city. I feel new, cleansed and clear.


I wonder if I should try writing music.


Litaka’s has left, now, gone in the middle of my most satisfying performances. As is his way, I suppose, though he stayed much longer this time than he usually does.


My weekly visits with my companions of course includes talks with Chaoxi. She feels more and more like a sister to me these days, especially after our last talk. She asked me about any romantic attachments I might be forming, which was terribly uncomfortable, but very much like my older sisters might. She gave me some very sound advice on how I might approach the object of my affection, so hopefully my invitation will not cause either of us too much discomfort.


I am nervous. I have never before expressed my desire to meet with someone in anything but a platonic sort of way. I was too young to pursue any romance when I left the City of the Steel Lotus, and haven’t been anywhere for long enough to really even think about anyone that way until now. I’m not sure how my advances will be taken.


…I’ve never been on a date before.


Edgar_Grim Mouse

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